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Temple of Consciousness

Thanjai Arivu Thirukovil

Thanjai Temple of Consciousness

Vazhga Vaiyagam                             Vazhga Valamudan

Simplified Physical Exercises
An effective package of breathing and Simplified Physical Exercises is designed to regulate the flow of blood, heat, air and life force in the body, leading to good health.
The Exercises Taught are:
1. Hand Exercise
2. Leg Exercise
3. Breathing Exercise
4. Eye Exercise
5. Kapalabathi Exercise
6. Makarasana Exercise
7. Massage Exercise
8. Acupressure Exercise
9. Relaxation
When practiced regularly they
* Help in curing diseases
* Help in prevent diseases
* Improve physical strength and enhance longevity
* Strengthen heart, lungs, digestive system, brain and nervous system.
* Strengthen the nerves in Eyes and improves Vision
* Help in correcting uterine and menstrual disorders.
* Help to regulate sugar level in blood and urine.
* Help in regulating blood pressure and in curing Heart aliments.

Simplified Kayakalpa Yoga
It is a practice devised by “Siddhas”, the wise ancient sages, to intensify the vital energy and to enhance the quality of life.
* Maintains youthfulness
* Retards ageing process
* Develops immunity against diseases and helps in curing diseases.
* Helps in improving the quality of progeny
* Helps in disciplining the mind, improves memory and concentration.

Thanjai Arivu Thirukovil
Rajappa Nagar First Streer
Cell:9843385133, 9843384133